What do Opioids do to the Body?

Opioid abuse has a range of effects on the body. Opioids are typically used to treat moderate-to-severe pain. They may be prescribed following surgery or an injury. Also, prescription opioids may be part of a treatment plan for cancer. Treating chronic pain, such as back pain, is another use of this type of drug. Opioids work to counteract pain by interacting with opioid receptors in the cells. This controls the pain while also producing a relaxed state in the user.

Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Even without the diagnosis of an alcohol use disorder, excessive drinking can lead to long-term issues. The outcomes can range from chronic diseases to early death. Recognizing the potential long-term effects of alcohol abuse before they occur can help you make a choice to start recovery quickly and safely with medical detox.    Heavy drinking for a long period of time can have devastating consequences on the body’s vital organs. Heart, liver, kidney, and brain function can be negatively impacted

Am I a High Functioning Alcoholic?

A high functioning alcoholic can be self-diagnosed. Using some standard criteria can help you determine if you or someone you know fits the definition. The awareness of that diagnosis can be the foundation to begin recovery efforts with a medically-supervised detox. What is a high-functioning alcoholic? A high-functioning alcoholic can drink unhealthy amounts of alcohol routinely, yet still appear successful in their professional life and stable and satisfied in their personal life. They may excel in their industries and be

Benefits of Short-Term Detox for Addiction

Detox comes in multiple forms, including one attached to an inpatient treatment program. However, short-term, stand-alone detox offers its own set of benefits to move a person in the direction of recovery. As you learn these benefits, you can make informed decisions about starting a medical detox and knowing how to identify the aftercare that’s suited to your needs. What Is Short-Term, Stand-Alone Detox? A short-term detox at a stand-alone facility only focuses on the most urgent needs for a

Planning an Intervention

Before a loved one is ready to accept the need for detox, a need for an intervention may be apparent to you. This kind of action can have a potentially beneficial outcome if it’s carefully planned and executed. If handled poorly, it can negate any chance of motivating your loved one to get to detox anytime soon. So let’s look at some effective ways to plan an intervention with the highest probability of success.    Planning an intervention for a

Dangers of Dabbing

The use of marijuana isn’t new, by any means, but newer forms of it do become available and present risks to users who are unaware of their potential harm. Dabbing is one example of risky substance use. For some people, the terms “dabbing” and “dab” and their associated names may be new, so learning about how they’re used and the dangers of dabbing is helpful. What is a Dab Drug or Dabbing Wax from Cannabis Concentrates? A dab drug or

Dangers of Ambien Addiction

Ambien is commonly used by people who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. This prescription drug is intended to produce regular sleeping patterns, which can reduce daytime fatigue. But, at the same time, its sedative properties can lead people to misuse it by increasing the dose as they build a tolerance to the drug which can lead to Ambien addiction. What Are the Risks of Long-Term Ambien Use? Ambien isn’t intended to be a long-term solution for sleep issues.

Effects of Suboxone Use

Learning the effects of suboxone and what makes suboxone unsafe and understanding the risks of detoxing can spare you from serious risks. A drug with short-term benefits can have long-term risks. Suboxone is one such substance that users should recognize its potential for becoming harmful. What is Suboxone? Suboxone contains both buprenorphine and naloxone and is used by placing it under the tongue where it dissolves. Buprenorphine helps lessen symptoms of opiate withdrawal during detox. Its effects, including euphoria and

Do I Need to Go to Detox for Benzodiazepines?

Detox from substances isn’t limited to alcohol. Even prescription medication that gets misused can be a reason to make a plan for finding a detox program. Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are among the pharmaceuticals misused by people before arriving in detox. Which Drugs Are Benzodiazepines? Benzodiazepines are depressants used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and seizures. They’re known by generic names such as diazepam, alprazolam, and clonazepam, whose brand names are Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin. Benzos can be short-acting, intermediate, or long-acting.

Why Do You Need to Detox from Methadone?

Methadone’s use in managing cravings for other opioids can mislead people into thinking it’s completely risk-free. In reality, methadone can be abused like any other drug, and any drug that can be abused creates a need for a resource to end its use safely. Learn why you need to detox from methadone and be completely drug free. What is Methadone? Methadone is a synthetic opioid that physicians prescribe for relief from severe pain. That pain may stem from an injury,