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  • Entrance at Restored Path Detox in Dallas.

    Restored Path Detox is Now Open

    August 1, 2022

    DALLAS METROPLEX– Restored Path Detox has opened the doors of its premier medical detox facility for the Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding metro areas. Restored Path Detox began receiving patients on Monday, August 1, 2022. The brand-new facility will provide state-of-the-art, medically monitored detoxification within a safe, nurturing sanctuary for recovery. Dr. Geri Richardson is…

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  • Couple with addiction counselor for admission to detox

    12 Signs You Need Detox

    July 22, 2022

    Evaluating your need for recovery help from drugs or alcohol shouldn’t be a complicated task. It’s possible to look at evidence in your life right now that suggests you would benefit from detox. We’ve compiled a list of twelve signs you or someone you love needs detox today. Signs You Need Detox 1. Abusing alcohol…

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  • Man suffering mental health effects from cocaine use.

    Cocaine’s Effects on Mental Health

    July 22, 2022

    Cocaine’s impact on physical health is marked by its changes to the brain, but many people may be less aware of the drug’s effect on their mental health. Some of these effects may be noticeable to long-term cocaine users, even if they don’t necessarily associate the effects with their drug use. Learning some of the…

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  • Patient with substance use disorder talking to doctor about how long it will take to detox.

    Withdrawal Timelines: How Long Does It Take to Detox from Different Substances?

    July 21, 2022

    There is no one answer to the question of how long does it take to detox from different substances. The length of time required for detox will vary depending on a person's individual physiology and history of substance abuse. There are, however, some general timelines that can give you an idea of what to expect…

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  • Patient talking to doctor about what to expect during medical detox

    What to Expect During Medical Detox

    July 21, 2022

    Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be a difficult physical and emotional process. Therefore, knowing what to expect during medical detox is essential to prepare you for the challenges ahead. In this blog post, we will discuss the different phases of medical detoxification (detox) and what you can expect during each one. We will also…

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  • Woman buying MDMA in a club

    What Does MDMA Do To Your Body?

    July 19, 2022

    MDMA users turn to this synthetic drug for feelings of pleasure, yet may be unaware of how it affects the body in other ways. Even taking low to moderate doses can produce side effects with discomfort. Higher doses can lead to more severe consequences, even death. What is MDMA? MDMA is short for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. You…

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  • Woman struggling with alcohol addiction

    Can I Detox from Alcohol by Myself?

    July 14, 2022

    For someone with an alcohol use disorder, the choice to quit drinking is always a good one. The next step isn’t always so clear, though. For some people, a belief that getting sober is a solo effort ends up leading to greater risks. Before beginning to detox, it’s essential to understand the alcohol withdrawal process…

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  • Opioid pills

    What do Opioids do to the Body?

    July 11, 2022

    Opioid abuse has a range of effects on the body. Opioids are typically used to treat moderate-to-severe pain. They may be prescribed following surgery or an injury. Also, prescription opioids may be part of a treatment plan for cancer. Treating chronic pain, such as back pain, is another use of this type of drug. Opioids…

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  • Person passed out at desk from binge drinking alcohol.

    Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse

    July 10, 2022

    Even without the diagnosis of an alcohol use disorder, excessive drinking can lead to long-term issues. The outcomes can range from chronic diseases to early death. Recognizing the potential long-term effects of alcohol abuse before they occur can help you make a choice to start recovery quickly and safely with medical detox.    Heavy drinking…

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  • Business man who is a high functioning alcoholic drinking in a bar. in bar

    Am I a High Functioning Alcoholic?

    July 5, 2022

    A high functioning alcoholic can be self-diagnosed. Using some standard criteria can help you determine if you or someone you know fits the definition. The awareness of that diagnosis can be the foundation to begin recovery efforts with a medically-supervised detox center. What is a high-functioning alcoholic? A high-functioning alcoholic can drink unhealthy amounts of…

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