Dangers of Dabbing

The use of marijuana isn’t new, by any means, but newer forms of it do become available and present risks to users who are unaware of their potential harm. Dabbing is one example of risky substance use. For some people, the terms “dabbing” and “dab” and their associated names may be new, so learning about how they’re used and the dangers of dabbing is helpful. What is a Dab Drug or Dabbing Wax from Cannabis Concentrates? A dab drug or

Is My Spouse an Alcoholic?

A spouse’s health and well-being affects the health of their partner and the of their relationship. Ignoring a growing substance use problem can have a ripple effect on the way everyone communicates and functions in the home. Learn the signs to look for to see if your spouse is an alcoholic and how to identify if your spouse needs detox for alcohol. What is Alcoholism? For alcoholism, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) provides the criteria to

Dangers of Quitting Heroin Cold Turkey

The choice to quit using heroin or any illegal substance is wise, but what becomes critical in safely and successfully stopping using heroin lies with the approach you choose. Without knowing the dangers of quitting heroin on your own, you might be putting your health and well-being in harm’s way. Onset of Serious Health Problems Heroin withdrawal can start 6-12 hours after the last dose. However, these symptoms can last several days without diminishing until a week has passed. Without

Dangers of Combining Benzodiazepines and Alcohol

The risk of harmful drug interactions is why people taking prescription medications must be careful about mixing other substances. For people taking benzodiazepines, alcohol is one of those substances to avoid. If you’ve been prescribed benzos, learning about the effects of drinking while taking them is essential to making safe choices around alcohol use. Effects of Alcohol Use Alcohol’s widespread accessibility makes it an easy substance to obtain and consume. Daily and binge drinking can lead to physical, emotional, and

Alcohol’s Effect on Mental Health

Anyone who drinks knows how alcohol makes them feel different. The way it impacts your body is likely not a mystery to you, but the way it affects your mental health may be something you haven’t considered yet. Regular use of alcohol can lead to numerous changes in mental health. We’ll discuss some of them here. How Does Alcohol Use Relate to Mental Health? Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. How you think, feel, and act is connected

Is it Safe to Detox at Home?

Detox is an essential first step toward recovery. But is it safe to detox at home or do you need professional help? Before choosing to detox, it’s imperative to understand how the process works and what risks may be involved. Your comfort and safety should be among the factors in the decision-making. The choice to detox at home might come from a familiarity with the setting, a sense of privacy, and a belief that you should be able to end