Staff Spotlight – Aaron Stacey

aaron stacey Staff Article

Staff Spotlight – Aaron Stacey

Admissions Specialist

What brought you to the field of addiction treatment? What brought you to Restored Path Detox? 

It was financial circumstances in early recovery that brought me to the field of addiction. I was poor and was offered a job as a live-in house manager for a local sober living. There, I realized that this was my calling despite my best efforts to avoid working in the field due to it being the one thing most people in early recovery say they’re going to do.

What brought me to Restored Path Detox was the reputation of Origins Behavioral HealthCare as well as being such a need in the Dallas Forth Worth area for a quality detox. I love the vision and mission of this organization, and I wanted to be a part of its growth, and I am grateful I get to serve.

If there was only one thing you could tell us about working within your specialty area, what would it be? 

I have been a part of the Dallas and Portland, ME, recovery communities since 2009 and have experience in sober living and extended care. I love helping clients find the best place for them to get well and “meeting the client where they’re at.”

What have you learned through your experience working in treatment?

“It takes a team with vision and passion to help individuals achieve freedom.” I think one of the most important things I have learned in my experience is that every patient and their families are vastly different, and the recovery process is not cookie-cutter for each family and their loved ones. Learning to identify the needs of each patient and family is the best course of action and sets them up for success in their recovery. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my kids and being a dad. I enjoy pick-up basketball and watching sports such as basketball and football. I also enjoy connecting with friends within the recovery community and playing volleyball or spending time together enjoying conversation. 


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